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carbon dude oxide:
Hello, i am planning on getting a scope for myself but i am tied between either getting a ds1000E or a ds1000B

Reason being is that the ds1000e has quite high reviews here but i do alot of 4-bit binary debugging so having 4 chanels would be very usefull as currently i use a multimeter to do the job :)

What are other peoples thoughs?

A dedicated PC-based logic analyzer is many times more useful for digital debugging and often much cheaper too. This is what I'm using ->

I would choose the DS1000B because it has a better front panel. It has knob for each channel. On the other hand, it has short memory, probably only 8kpoints per channel.

carbon dude oxide:
Could you explain kpoints per second please


--- Quote from: carbon dude oxide on May 03, 2013, 03:20:35 pm ---Could you explain kpoints per second please

--- End quote ---

k = kilo = 1000;

kpoints = kilopoints = 1000 points;

'points' It's a measure for a scope's sample memory.


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