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BWD magnetic deflection oscilloscope.


Hello all.

Probably 30 years ago or more the now long defunct Australian test equipment manufacturer, BWD Instruments, made an oscilloscope with a large, magnetic deflection television CRT. It was marketed as an educational instrument for demonstration purposes. From memory the bandwidth was really low (15kHz or so), due to the inductance of the deflection coils and the difficulty driving them at high frequencies. I believe the deflection coil drivers were I-out amplifiers; the output voltage swing capability/compliance therefore limits the high frequency response as the coil reactance rises. It was a great scope for class demonstrations of Lissajou (spelling?) figures.

Does anyone remember this scope from their TAFE/Uni days and remember the model number? I’d ultimately like to track down a service manual or schematic for study, as I’d like to build my own equivalent, using a discarded CRT television as a base. An X-Y oscilloscope built this way would be the perfect display device for my analog computer.

The old BWD model looked very much like the unit Hydrawerk posted here (but with the CRT not orientated vertically):


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