Author Topic: Byrmen BM235 battery drain issues?  (Read 518 times)

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Byrmen BM235 battery drain issues?
« on: May 24, 2019, 12:34:37 am »
Hey guys! Im not exactly an electrical engineer, but every now and again I find I need a multimeter.
When I get a tool that I know I'll use more then once, I like to get something good, rather then be frustrated with rubbish. - And I enjoy watching Dave's Content so, I thought I'd get one of the EEVblog branded ones. I didn't need all the fancy stuff the 121GW has, so I got the BM235.

I love the thing! Except... I seem to have a battery drain issue with it?
Ive have a cheap multimeter I was given like 5 years ago (its... pretty bad), Ive used it a lot more then this thing, but its still on it's first set of batteries.

I bought the BM235 a year ago, put in brand new Duracells used it once then put it away for a month, when I tried to use it again I noticed it wasn't turning on. Batteries died. - I thought that maybe I left it on or something. Whatever new batteries (same pack) used for maybe 1 or 2 hours, turned off put away. Again ~ a month later died. - Okay I know I had turned it off this time. Back pack of batteries?
Bought new batteries, again used 1 or 2 hours, put away for 2 months, try to turn it on again dead.
Thats when I made an account here and was gonna ask about this draining. - But life happened and I forgot about it. Today I needed it again and - you guessed it dead.

I can't think this is normal?
What could be wrong with this thing? And what should I do? - Again I'm not exactly an electrical engineer.

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Re: Byrmen BM235 battery drain issues?
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2019, 01:03:08 am »
No, it's not normal.  I'm still running on the green GP batteries that came with mine more than 2 years ago.

If it was happening to more owners, there would be some noticeable noise here ... and I haven't seen any.

What to do?  Probably contact Dave.
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Re: Byrmen BM235 battery drain issues?
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2019, 02:04:18 am »
That’s definitely not normal for DMM, clearly it is a defective unit.  Rather than contacting Dave, it may be faster for you to contact your point of purchase to ask for an exchange, don’t waste time troubleshooting a new meter.

Update:  I just noticed you had it for a year, I agree perhaps contacting the EEVBlog store to see if there’s anything they can do for you.  Hope you can at least send it in for warranty repair.
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Re: Byrmen BM235 battery drain issues?
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2019, 03:10:00 am »
Thought so! I wasn't crazy for thinking I might needed a Batteriser/Batteroo for this thing! ;)

But alright. Yeah As I said, purchased almost a year ago from Amazon (cause the EEVstore recommended it for USA buyers due to shipping time.) Doubt amazon will take it back since its been this long.
I'll email Dave about this I guess.
Thanks guys!

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Re: Byrmen BM235 battery drain issues?
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2020, 07:49:49 pm »
Sorry to bump a somewhat dated thread but I might have a similar/related problem.

My BM235 is a bit less than 4 years old and seen only light use.  After a few months sitting with the switch off, I picked it up to find that one of the alkaline batteries had leaked a bit.  I haven't seen an alkaline battery leak in years and wondered if the meter might have continued to discharge it even though off.

Cleaned it up and put in new batteries.  Now when turned on, the display comes on briefly and immediately fades to off.  The batteries test good.

This suggests to me that the meter is drawing too much current.  I've not opened it up yet and don't have a PSU with current display to make a quick current check.

Any ideas or suggestions before I open it up?


Edit:  Well, two days later, the meter is working without the above problems.  So sorry (and confused as to how this could be).  Please disregard.
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