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Cheap hardware to run Keysight VSA 89600 software

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Hi all

I am a radio amateur interested in digital TV and test equipment. I would like to use the current free version of the Keysight VSA 89600 software to do measurements. The signals are DVB-T or DVD-S from 1 to 7 MHz bandwidth.

I was wondering if anyone knows the cheapest hardware I can use to do this?

From the list of supported hardware, the Agilent N9020A MXA or the Agilent E4402B ESA-E, both ~AU$3k seem possibilities. Would these work? Is there a cheaper way to do it?

I have dabbled with older versions of 89600 and old gear over the years.

Regards Drew VK4ZXI


The E4406A is what I use.

I also used the e4406A with VSA several years ago. I think I used it with VSA version 10 (I'd have to dig out my old XP laptop with VSA on it to check). Back then a e4406A could be had on eBay for about $1000 US. Looks like they are cheaper now. I also have original VXI VSA hardware, but the e4406A was cheaper. The VXI uses a Firewire interface.

What is this "current free version" of 89600 that you speak of? Do you mean a trial version? Those only last 30 days.

... update. just had a Keysight person in at work who was showing VSA. He wasn't aware of a free version other than trial and demo. Trial times out, and demo doesn't connect to equipment.

I have an e4406A but it only works on old versions of VSA.

I would like gear that will work with the current version. I am using the "free" trial version for the moment. I can get the full version if I can get some compatible equipment for a reasonable price.

Regards Drew VK4ZXI


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