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Cheap Square generator stable from 10Hz to 500Khz

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I Like to know if exist some complete DIY (PCB and components already assembled)  low cost Square generator stable from 10Hz to 500Khz with these features:

1) Variable amplitude.
2) Powered by 9 Volt battery.
3) Small size.

On ebay there are differents, but don't seem stable after 100 Khz or this is my impression.

Someone have try some of these ??

It's called a 555 timer. They are stable to within 0.5% over operating voltage. If you use good components, temperature won't affect them much.

Now, if you need a frequency readback something like this may work better:

You can probably use a 9V battery with DC jack clip to power it.

This is very interested and I have already see it on ebay.

The problem is I don't see sufficient result on oscilloscope.

for example here:

I see it is not stable on 1 Mhz, but I don't know how work on 500Khz.

I review better this:

and seem not stable for frequency >150Khz.


--- Quote from: luca1000 on August 31, 2013, 10:10:18 pm ---The problem is I don't see sufficient result on oscilloscope.

--- End quote ---

#1. What Scope do you have?= Brand, Model & Firmware version.

Maybe is the scope.

what you are looking is:
A) an Oscilloscope Training Kit.

B) or a Bench Generator.
DDS, ARB, etc...

I do not work for Instek, I just like the Brand.

#3. P.S.
To measure any Square wave, you need 20x the frequency, to measure 10 harmonics, or 10x the frequency to measure 5 harmonics,
less than 5 is not a Square wave.

Alternative, build one with Arduino or FPGA.


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