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Cheapest and reliable enough clamp for AC leaks

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--- Quote from: ThunderZed on October 17, 2021, 05:51:39 pm ---Today I was "lucky" because I was there and it rained very hard, the RCBO tripped and the yellow indicator appeared.
--- End quote ---
Wow, that is great, they included indicator. Ok, so now you can be quite sure this was leakage! Now the next step is to find it.

Forget the idea about connecting MCB in series of RCBO, find the leakage.

First, check which outside light or outside socket is full of water, then work inwards.  ;)

I've just told my friend (acm92's owner) the "current transformer type" matter about his clamp, I mean

--- Quote ---For your specific AC requirement, you should be looking for the current transformer type - being very careful to check that the lowest current ranges still use the jaws and not probe leads.

--- End quote ---
and he answered the ACM91 (which he's got too) has this characteristic as you can read here:

--- Quote ---uA uses the probe inputs
Clamp, used for DC and AC current measurement, except uA

--- End quote ---
Anyway he says it can measure down do 11mA so it's not good for my goal.
Definitely I think the ACM92 will be my first choice.


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