Author Topic: Impressive Keysight 1000X series (EDUX1002G modded) SPI triggering rate  (Read 9831 times)

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Siglent "fixed" the 3000 byte limitation on SPI decode in the new firmware by adding a message that warns the limit has been reached  :palm:

Nice fix!!  :-DD :-DD :-DD

At least they can't be accused of fooling the customer...

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I gave the Rigol MSO5074 one more chance... I had to sell my EDUX1002G  :-BROKE  :--)

I ran the same SPI test @ 45MHz test:

The Rigol MSO5074 can trigger 2,000 times per second (byte 0x37) (VS 50,000 on the EDUX1002G)
And it cannot detect random byte 0x3F (using MASK TEST) while triggering on byte 0x37

EDIT: I was able to get 50,000 triggers per second on the Rigol MSO5074 by setting memory depth to auto (it uses 1Kpts).  And I also was able to catch the random byte 0x3F on the Rigol 100% of the time while triggering 50,000 times on 0x37 by using infinite persistence and also 25% using zone triggering.

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