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Choosing between entry-level 12-bit DSOs

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I'll say that after using the DHO800 for a couple of months now, a few hours a day, I've long forgotten about the things I thought would annoy me. The vertical screen thing is an absolute non-issue. The only thing I still want to change is to remove the little icons on the vertical 'measurements' window on the right of the screen so that I can see 8 or 9 items at once instead of 5. Not that it's that much of a deal to scroll it up and down with your finger, but I'll get around to moding it one day. Other than that, I'm a happy camper.

Well, look what finally showed up late yesterday. I've unboxed it, read through the quick-start manual (very well written), calibrated a probe, and played around just a little. I have questions ... lots and lots of questions ... but I will start a new thread for that.


congratulations and have fun.

Best regards


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