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Re: Clamp meter,safe,reliable,and under $200
« Reply #25 on: March 12, 2024, 09:06:41 am »
For a cheap clamp meter the UT210E is one of the best, like most clamp meters it is not perfect at low DC current, but it is better than many other. Do not expect clamp meters to be precise, they are not. DC clamps will often change reading when you change orientation of the clamp (Due to Earths magnetic field).
If you want to measure DC mA with a clamp, take a look at Benning CM11, I have recently bought one and it looks to be the best low current DC clamp I have seen.
Measuring DC below 1A (or thereabout) is not something many clamp meters do well, most works much better with a couple of amps or more. I.e. I would not use the same clamp for higher current as I would for low current, especially when talking DC.

I was thinking about buying benning cm11 clamp meter, but can you say something about bugs in this meter like showed in this video:

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