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TDS754D ++processor failed
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:08:04 pm »
My TDS754D has developed a fault and reports that the  PROCESSOR tests fail.
This normally indicates failure in the NVRAM.

Using the tektool I have started checking the NVRAM .
It seemed that some values at the top of the 0x400000 section were changing between boots.
I have then started replacing the 1250Y 512K NVRAM.

After some confusing trials I have finally realised that the first 0x20000 bytes belong to the DS1458 and that
the DS1250Y address overlaps...
Taking out the DS1250Y and reading its content with the tl866 I have noticed that address 0x20000 onwards matches with 0x420000 on the scope. Before that only zeroes.

So be warned, reading with the tektool and writing with the tl866 will not work as the addresses are mangled.

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