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Title: Current Firmware Version for Rigol MSO2072A?
Post by: Electro Fan on November 06, 2015, 06:03:50 pm
Hi, just checking to see if anyone can confirm the number of the most recent firmware for the Rigol MSO2072A (Hardware version 2.2)

According to Rigol's web site the most recent Firmware version is:


I currently have:


(The numbers and decimals are their convention; on the scope it is called Software version, the web site is called Firmware version)

Anyone know of any upsides or downsides when moving from 00.03.03.SP1 to 00.03.04SP1 ?


Update:  Rigol has a list of the firmware updates; they looked encouraging and I gave it a try.  Unfortunately, none of the changes seemed to address a few of the fundamental functional issues with the MSO2072A.  I will post a separate "First Impressions" review of the findings.