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Damaged HP 6060B - Worth a punt?

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Chet T16:
I see a damaged HP 6060B for sale near me, it says "needs repair or can be used for parts. The two transformers are broken off the unit."


Its up for €100, is it worth taking a chance on? Seems like strange damage, dropped maybe?

With enough bodge wires, any PCB problems can be overcome.  It's difficult to tell from the pictures if the transformer is repairable or not, that's the kicker.  I'd imagine you'd have to get one from another parts unit, and then you may be better off fixing that one.

I dug a clock radio out of the trash can at university about 22 years ago - someone must have thrown it.  The transformer was ripped off the board and damaged.  I was able to epoxy the transformer together and solder paper clips to the windings to make new leads.  I can't believe I was able to repair it, but it worked for 20 years after that.  I left it at my parents home and my mom got tired of looking at it (it was missing knobs, was badly scratched, etc) so she threw it away.

i'll bought it if i were you.

Dropped for sure, but easily fixable. Just going to need to remove the busted formers, make up a set of short leads to do the connections and bridge any broken traces. Offer a lower price, 60-80 Euro's will be worth the risk, possibly even the full price. Just check the display is not broken, and that otherwise it looks intact.

Chet T16:
A quick look at the service manual doesn't give any useful info on the transformers, i didn't consider they might be specific to it.

I'll have to ask for more pics I think


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