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I recently bought a Datron 1061 on ebay with options 10 (true rms ac) and 20 (4 wire resistance) installed.  Im hoping someone on here has some experience with the device as i'm having some bother enabling current measurement. 
The device arrived in good condition, and the seller was selling it cheap as it was showing error 6 on the self test, which if you RTFM means the resistance self test failed, however if you RTFM some more, it also says to ensure that the resistance measurement switch is set to 2 wire mode, rerun the test with 2 wire selected and self test results in a pass  :-+.
The only other issue it had was the .1 range switch and I mode switch didn't click when pressed like all the others, so i simply popped the cap off and reseated and now all buttons click  :-+ :-+. 

The problem i am now having is that i cant seem to enable current measurements when i press the current measurement button, the button (electrically) works and i can input a '.' when in keyboard mode, nor does the self test seem to perform any current tests i.e. i don't see an 'A' illuminated in the display when the test is complete.  Now according to the manual option 10 is needed for DC current measurement, and i bought the device with option 10 being advertised as installed, and the option label on the rear of the device states option 10 and 20 are installed. 

Does any one know a way of verifying which options are actually installed?

And assuming everything is present and correct any ideas of where to start looking for a fault?



I'm not able to help but I just wanted to say I'm interested to see how this works out for you - I was watching the same meter but ended up buying a Solartron from the same seller instead :)

I think current measurement is standard on the 1061, it certainly doesn't appear in the option list I have in front of me.

The schematic should reveal all :)

Reading failure.

Option 30 + Option 10 if you want AC too.

The options are stamped on the back of the case, next to the model and serial numbers.

See the 1071 Service Handbook from the above link for pictures drawings of all the boards

The options list is a bit unclear but I think it says that you need option 30 for DC current.
Also, in the manual it mentions DC current as an option.

Yeah im thinking i'm missing an option here, as there is just a blanking plate where the current fuse should be...

That said the manual only ever mentions option 10 only for current measurement, not option 10 and 30, then again could always be a bit if a misprint

Bit of an arse if it cant measure current without option 30 installed, that said it does do voltage and resistance ;)



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