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Dead Fluke 6070A signal generator opinions?

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I can get old Fluke 6070A signal generator, not working, for around 150 to 200 euro. Seller has few of them in the same condition, and I can pick one that I like from the batch. According to him, all units are dead and have problem with the power supply not starting. Apparently, source of the problem is shorted tantalum caps on various boards.

I could really find use for such unit, but I don't know is it worth the risk?

If the seller knows what the fault is, why hasn't he fixed them?

The Fluke 6070 has a protection on all the power voltages, i does not startup if one of the voltages
of the power supply is wrong. I have repaired one, and was only the 24 Volt serie regulator on the
serial power board was defective. after replaced it by a TIP transistor it worked oke.

But if no luck , it can also be in the switched power block. It has a switched power supply.
Thats is quite unusual for a signal generator can give a lot ogf noise, thats why they put in an extra power serial
regulator board, just to make from 6 V => 5 V and 13 V =>12 and 25v => 24 V. etc.
When i measured the 24 Volt i got 25 volts, so you think not to bad..

Thank you Wim13. I think I'll try my luck with one of those units, because price seems fair.

--- Quote from: KJDS on March 25, 2013, 03:07:12 pm ---If the seller knows what the fault is, why hasn't he fixed them?

--- End quote ---
Seller got 4 of those as part of some business deal. He is selling them "as is" and has no interest trying to fix them.

Be sure all parts are there, or try to get a picture from inside.
and from behind to be sure the power supply is there.

And if it has a menory board option, there is a lithium batt on that board.
That can be empty.


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