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Design a New Precision LCR Tweezers with Much Lower Cost(Video Attached)

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In fact, by default the updater updates to the latest firmware version, but as you can see from the help you can also specify a different version (but I haven't tried if this really works).

A quick note for others in Germany who might be interested in the ST42 tweezers:

Shannon has now signed up with a service provider to comply with the packaging (recycling) requirements, and the tweezers can be shipped to Germany. The direct product link,, as well as the Shannon Store link,, both work for me now. Just ordered my tweezers!


--- Quote from: Kean on August 07, 2022, 01:10:39 am ---
--- Quote from: TheDefpom on August 07, 2022, 12:58:33 am ---Where are the latest firmware versions ?
I am not even sure was right at the time either as these dates are from May, before those updates.
Is it just some random quirk or is my browser not actually getting the latest version downloaded?

--- End quote ---

I believe the updater downloads the latest version at run time.  Which is not ideal, but I suspect is an intentional decision for IP protection.
I was thinking of running Wireshark while updating to see what it does...

--- End quote ---

As kean mentioned, the commandline tool by default downloads the latest firmware from server and push it to device. Please make sure there is internet connectivity before running the tool.
And we can check the firmware version by system->service->version menu :)

Shannon Tweezers were ordered on July 17 and they arrived here today in SW Florida.  Good packaging and the case is sturdy.  They work as expected.  I will be testing ranges, functions and accuracy ... so far everything looks spot on!

My tweezers arrived at my local post agent in Sweden earlier today. Here's a slightly longer version of the review I left on Aliexpress:

Shannon's tweezers are the perfect example of what happens when someone looks critically at the products currently on the market, identifies what is wrong with each of them and then sets out to make something better than anything that already exists.

These tweezers are everything that they should be. They are small and light, they fit in your hand perfectly and are truly ergonomic. They offer a large measurement range and are very accurate on all ranges. The display is logical, comprehensive and easy to read. The joystick control also follows a logical approach and I was right at home selecting test frequency, excitation voltage and measurement mode within minutes.

Mechanically, the design and execution is a triumph! Due to the fact that there is virtually no side to side movement when opening and closing the tweezer's jaws, you really can pick up a 0402 sized capacitor and place it down accurately every time. I don't know of any other tweezers which have solved this basic and critical aspect, which is why I have never bought a pair of measuring tweezers before. I'd seen how poor the mechanical aspect was on all the others and knew that I would end up throwing them out of the window when I had the third component jump out of the jaws and onto the floor!

Firmware updates are easy and regular as Shannon continues to improve the firmware based on feedback from customers. Even better, the updater runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, just like it should! The tweezers arrived with the latest version 1.4.4 firmware already installed.

Congratulations Shannon, this is a great product at a fair price and is every bit as good as I expected!


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