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Digilent Analog Discovery 3 announced (June 14 release)

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Digilent Analog Discovery 3 announced (June 14 release).  No pricing details.


Seems like there's not much over the AD2.  What am I missing?

Maybe there will be a fire sale on AD2?


125 MS/s like the Red Pitaya.

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Does WaveForms for AD is better than for DD? I've used in the past WaveForms with Digital Discovery and this was really a bad experience. Finally I've sold it because in my opinion it was barely usable. Using behemots like Tek TLA715 was more convenient than WaveForms. Or maybe simplicity of Saleae made me so lazy ;)

They claim a "larger-than-ever buffer size", unfortunately I couldn't find an actual number. The max. 16kpts per channel is the biggest gripe I have with the old one.

Does not looks like a significant improvement. I assume it is just a continuation with marginal spec bump, probably inspired by the need to update components. Availability of parts has shifted drastically over the years, so they may not be able to source stuff anymore.

WaveForms is the same as for DD. For AD I would call it workable, not ideal, but not completely useless. Not enough to sell mine. It is is a useful thing to have in some cases.

But I would not use DD, there are far better logic analyzers out there.


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