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--- Quote from: hpw on February 20, 2024, 08:58:06 am ---
>> I have not updating the chart about two years.

Well, for my interests is the following:

- Input connection of an external 10Mhz (or 100MHz) reference frequency source. While not many has this is is may a requirement to sync with AWG too
- Internal TXCO or OXCO reference

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A significant task.....
As internal frequency references improve the need for external references diminishes......

From the Siglent range:
SDS7000A 10MHz Ref In and Out (both) plus optional OCXO
SDS6000L 10MHz Ref In and Out (both)
SDS5000X 10MHz Ref In/Out (single BNC user assigned)


--- Quote from: fanOfeeDIY on January 03, 2024, 04:46:15 pm ---
--- Quote from: tautech on January 03, 2024, 10:37:28 am ---Thank you.
We will have 3 new 12bit model ranges for you to add in a few weeks.

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Wow :-+

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Now released, the 3 new 12 bit ranges:
SDS800X HD, SDS1000X HD and SDS3000X HD.
Announcement with links to product pages:

Oh and BTW, you have a new Japan Siglent site to download from:

The point of this table is.... Repetition and Absorption.

he started this chart years ago, didn't know about scopes, Now different people learn in different ways, he learns in a visual way
so as such he goes out and researches each scope, he decideds to make a spreadsheet with parameters / features of scopes.
he then compares them and see what scopes have what and what don't,
This is his way of digesting the information that needs to be digested.

AS A FACT, i used to the do the same thing when it came to Engineering formula's , I would first do it manually, but then to absorb it
i would create a spreadsheet and i would find that the constant re remembering of the formula would cause me to learn it and the mathematical
programming of it and repetition of other formula's would cause me to understand the formula in depth and what it was doing.

In terms of learning about scopes,  for someone to create this spreadsheet is superior to doing a google search


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