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Updated on 30 December, 2021

I have attached the chart listing the many well known digital Oscilloscopes in the market.

All the model have pros and cons beyond the numbers in the charts. Check details in the datasheet or comments in the forum.

I was looking for a good forum, since I was considering to buy an oscilloscope, and I found the eevblog is an excellent place.
I wanted to contribute something and maybe my chart I made might be useful for someone.
(It was about April 2015 when I started to make a chart. I was considering buying around 800 to 2000 USD model, and the columns are optimized for this range of scopes. Definitely the high-end models requires much broader specs)

I would appreciate any kind of comment, especially for unknown columns and mistakes.

Sorted by the price based on the feedback.
Adding more models are coming.

The link to the Google Drive: (anyone could add comments)

@CMASupra has made the great chart more details on the analog front end, logic analyzer, FFT, bode plot (frequency response test) and not only for each series but also models in series.
It would be really nice to merge all the in one charts, might happen some time in the future.

Excsel sheet by @CMASupra;attach=1066268

The image of CMASupra is attached next to my chart images.

Chart by @CMASupra

Changelog (suggested by):
*Changed from having models on the row and specs on the columns, to specs on the row and models on the columns. (videobruce)
*Changed from jpg to png which reduced the mosquito noise.
*Added excel sheet on the first post. (videobruce)
*Sorting the chart by prices. (videobruce)
*Fixed specs of RIGOL's segmented memory. (miguelvp, Stupid Beard)
*Added SIGLENT. (tautech)
*Uploaded excel file to Google drive and added to the first post. (rs20, tautech)
*Added GW-Instek, Hantek and Iwatsu. (Muxr)
*Fixed the specs of RIGOL's waveform update rates. (miguelvp)
*Added column for whether has individual vertical knobs for each channels.
*Added Imperial to the size and weight since most of the datasheets are in Metric. (videobruce)
*Added OWON and GRATTEN (ATTEN). (Muxr)
*Added a few models.
*Reduced the row height by widening the columns so only two lines are needed instead of three and others. (videobruce)
*Added Rohde & Schwarz. (Muxr)
*Fixed the segmented mem sections of HMO1000 and HMO3000 (Gunb)
*Changed model numbers in columns to reduce the width of excel sheet. (videobruce)
*Added Dimensions (WxHxD) which only had width originally. (videobruce)
*Added Tektronix and Keysight 1052B models. (ez24)
*Modified the columns of Digital Inputs. (ez24)
*Modified from stating $300 range to $300-$500. (ez24)
*Added Serial Decoding feature to the columns (ez24)
*Added GW-instek GDS-1000B
*Added RIGOL DS4000
*Added Lecroy WaveJet Touch
*Added LeCroy WaveAce 1000
*Added LeCroy WaveAce 2000
*Added LeCroy HDO4000
*Included typical 4ch, 500Mhz, 5GHz Sampling models
*Added R&S RTE1000
*Fixed some mistekes in serial decoding section
*Update the memory of Siglent SDS2000 reflecting the new V2 firmware change (rf-loop and tautech)
*Added R&S RTE1000
*Added Iwatsu DS-5600A
*Added Keysight DSO-X 6000X
*Added R&S HMO1202
*Added SIGLENT SDS1000DL, SDS1000CML+, SDS1000X+
*Added R&S RTM2000 by AndyP (Thank you!)
*Added Micsig models by AndyP (Thank you!)
*Added Many R&S models (by Rich, thank you!)
*Added Keysight DSO-X 1000X
*Added Tektronix TBS2000
*Added Many Pico models (by ADT123, thank you!)
*Updated SIGLENT models (by Siglent, thank you!)
*Added RIGOL DS2000A-S (comment from Lance)
*Added RIGOL 1000Z-S (and plus) models (comment from Zafrullah)
*Added Function Generator feature to the column
*Added and revised Keysight EDUX1000A, EDUX1000G, DSOX1100A, DSOX1100G on the chart
*Added Tektronix MDO4000C and fixed the waveform update rate of TBS2000 (Comment from ErnestoFB)
*Added Tektronix 5 Series MSO
*Added SIGLENT SDS1104/1204X-E models
*Added R&S RTC1000, RTM3000 and RTA4000
*Added Keysight Infiniium S-Series
*Added RIGOL DS5000, MSO5000, MSO/DS7000
*Reorganized chart to able to use filter feature (Comment from bitbanger)
*Fixed TDS3000C  Vertical resolution is 9 bits (Comment from udou2048)
*Added Keysight DSO-X 1200X
*Added SIGLENT SDS2000X-E, SDS5000X
*Fixed typo of "SIGLANT" to "SIGLENT" (Thanks Vell)
*Added Tektronix 3 Series MDO, 4 Series MSO
*Added LeCroy HDO4000A
*Split Columns of Display size, resolution and touch (Comment from geirendre)
*Added youtube link to SIGLENT SDS5000X
*Added OWON SDS1000, XDS2000, XDS3000A, XDS3000E, XDS3000AE, XDS3200, XDS3200A, XDS3300
*Added SIGLENT SDS2000X-Plus
*Added LeCroy WaveSurfer3000z, WaveSurfer4000HD, HDO6000A
*Added RIGOL DS1000Z-E
*Updated RIGOL DS1000Z, MSODS2000A to match current lineups
*Updated Keysight InfiniiVision2000X to match current specs after improvements in 2018
*Added OWON USB oscilloscope series, VDS1000, VDS2000, VDS3000, VDS6000 (Thank you, @BetterAndBetter)
*Added Keysight InfiniiVision1200X, EDUX1052 and improvements in Feb 2020.
*Added Tektronix TBS2000B
*Added PicoScope 3000, 5000D and fixes
*Updates and fixes on Rohde & Schwarz
*Added GW-instek MDO-2000E, MDO-2000A, GDS-3000
*Added PicoScope 6000E and fixes
*Added Yokogawa DLM3000
*Added LeCroy T3DSO1000, T3DSO2000
*Added Keysight Infiniium MXR Series
*Revised Price Rage Column for filtering/sorting (Comment from Zom-B)
*Added Micsig STO1000C STO1000E
*Fixed spelling "capasitive" to "capacitive" (Comment from jimjam)
*Started revising the descriptions of Max Sample Rate, Max Waveform Update Rate and Memory Depth to show the performance change from number of channels used.
*Added Micsig MS500
*Started to add ENOBS
*Separating columns the models which specs differs of equipped channels
*Added Tekronix 6 Series MSO
*Added SDS1104X-U
*Added Tekronix 6 Series MSO B
*Added SDS6000A Series






Rohde & Schwarz




GWinstek and IWATSU

Hantek and GRATTEN (ATTEN)


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