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hi guys i am wanting to upgrade to a digital oscilloscope. I intend to us it for analog electronics and Rf electronics the scope i use now is about 1975 model bwd.I don't really know how to select the best option for me. I don't want to pay more than 1000 dollars if someone could suggest a good one they have had experience with or one that think might suit.I know bandwidth is important but i was wondering how do some people measure around the 2ghz frequency when attempting to fix a wireless router its just a little side question thanks

Try reading one of the dozens of DSO topics on this forum or watching some of the various video reviews Dave did. Given your requirements, I'm going to suggest a relatively cheap Rigol DS1102E. No point in spending money if you have no idea about what you need.

For RF signals like 2.4 GHz you would typically use a spectrum analyzer with much more than 2.4 GHz bandwidth, especially for design. For troubleshooting it's probably enough to check for the presence of the signal, there's not much to tune in your typical access point. A Wifi signal wouldn't be very interesting on a scope, mostly sine-like ;).



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