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Hi all

I found these on Ebay

Has anyone used one? I was wondering if they are any good considering the price is so low? There are a few different ones. I saw some at and they were a bit more money but not much. But I dont know if these are as accurate as they state? I have a few measurements to take soon and this would save me a lot of time but only if I get one that actually takes correct measurements.

Any help would be great



it is an ultrasonic model, it is NOT precise. it has a laser pointer, but it measures the distance with ultrasonic sensors.
the other models measure effectively with laser beam. they are much more precise (+- 1.5mm) and a longer distance (around 50 m)
their price begin around £80 for no brand one.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. How well can the ultrasonic version measure? Do you know by any chance?

I have an ultrasonic one.

They are designed for internal measurement of rooms. They are popular with estate agents as they save faffing around with a tape measure - you hold it against one wall and get the measurement to the other. (I am NOT an estate agent, I just bought mine as it was on special offer and thought it might be useful - of course apart from trying it out I never really use it.)

Using it outside without a flat wall to reflect the ultrasonic wave off is problematic.

So if you work fitting carpets, selling houses or want to measure the height of a very high ceiling then they are useful.

Having done this reply, I am suddenly thinking that they might be useful for measuring the depth from the access hole to the level of the oil in my oil tank but as I've not tried this I don't know if it would work.

Hi, I just want to measure some rooms properly. It is a pain with a tape measure and was hoping it would be quicker with one of these units as they were only £10 or so. If they are an inch out its no big deal for me.

Sounds like the Ultrasonic one might be okay. How repeatable are the measurements? Does it always measure the same for a particular wall?



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