Author Topic: Digital/Analog Proto Board Development Stations Help Needed With Docs  (Read 1536 times)

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Here in the states, Global Specialties owns the university level educational system market as well as development labs for their integrated trainers/protoype boards with power supplies, function generators, etc. Sometimes these little sets beat the hell out of working with a passive board at a workstation with regular equipment. I'm more inclined to get to work on my kitchen table with my 30  yearold Heathkit 3400 development station because it's extremely convenient plus my spouse gets pissed if I disappear too long in my shop.

There's a never ending supply of these units pulled from schools in non working condition for a fraction of the $500+ USD a new one commands. Problem is, there are no docs available from Global unless they release them to major contract purchasers. Auction sites commonly sell them in non-working condition for around 60-75 $USD or less primarly because of this.

It's come to my attention that these are sold in the UK, OZ, & NZ in kit form under the names of :

Cadet = Global  PB-503
Cadet II= Global PB-505

They're made by two other companies that I know of and one was Techsoft in a kit form. I'd like to find at least a schematic of one of these, preferably one that has the bi state logic indicator with red and green LED's for high and low. Unlike most proto board kits that have just undedicated pots, debounced switch pairs, logic state indicators, and so on, these boards have a lot of "protection" buffering the outputs and protecting the circuits from student error. For example, the debounced switches aren't just the output of a 7400 like most kits, they're buffered by transistors. Other components have pico fuses such as the undedicated pots. The Cadet versions are white or some light color instead of the black sold in the states. Here's a link to the Global versions we have here. Maybe some of you might recognize one of them under another vendor's name.

I'd love to see a print of either of these units and pick up one of them. I'd appreciate it if any of you guys across the pond have any access to some of these docs from a kit build or any other supplimentary circuit descriptions.

Thanks in advance,

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