Author Topic: DMM 34401A ) I would like to link the device with Arduino. Please help me.  (Read 379 times)

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I would like to link the device with Arduino.

Reference site address:

Like the video above
  1) Schematic implementation method

  2) Source code content

Help. Please help me.

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Why wold you want to do that , I mean that complicated with arduino? The guy in the video most likely is using the arduino to "proxy" the serial port connection on the meter to the PC.

My advice - get a simple R232 to USB adapter from ebay like this one (they are super cheap like 4-5$) and call it a day.

If you want GPIB not serial .. look at this thread - I built one and it actually works decent with my older 3478A meter, for the 34401A you also have the serial option.

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Totally hate youtubers who show a project and dont even answers the questions or post their code to the community ....

The arduino is polling the meter and send the stuff on the serial terminal.  oh  right  the meter can be set to talk mode,  the adruino is acting as an interface to pc.

@GwakPyoSung    time to learn Arduino coding ???

Here's the link provided
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