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Dodgy Logic Probe (EISTA Branded)


I bought a couple of these logic probes off eBay recently and they arrived today.  What total pieces of crap!   :--

They claim (in the eBay ad and on the packet) that it works on a supply of up to 18V, so I tried it with 17V to be safe.  Result?  Toasted!  Opening it up reveals a crap design.

So, I test the other one on 5V.  It sort of works in TTL mode, but in CMOS mode the HI LED is on with a floating input.  WTF???

With a 12V supply the LEDs go so bright they look like they'll jump right out at me.  Arghh....

To be honest, I didn't expect these probes to be super duper, but thought they'd at least work correctly and survive the stated power voltage.   :o


--- Quote from: David_AVD on March 13, 2013, 02:35:30 am ---Opening it up reveals a crap design.

--- End quote ---

Let's see it!

Wow.  How can you screw up the design of a logic probe?  It's practically electronics 101.  LOL


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