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Does anyone make an affordable USB-C power sink tester?

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Given the ever-increasing amount of stuff that's powered via USB-C connectors and the annoying percentage of it that gets it wrong since it was only ever tested with a USB-A to USB-C cable, does anyone know of an affordable tester that'll check at least the pulldown resistors on a USB-C sink?  I'm currently doing it with a USB breakout board and a multimeter, but having a quick go/no go check would make things much easier.  Something a bit more sophisticated that also monitors USB PD comms and reports what's going on there would be icing on the cake.  While there are a million devices that test everything related to the source and/or the cable, I haven't been able to find anything under three to four figures for the sink.

The "USB Cable Checker" from is pretty cheap and will test just about any USB to USB cable plus it can test lightning to USB cables. However it just tests continuity. For testing USB pull-downs a multi-meter could be used with the CC1, CC2 and Gnd solder covered pads near the edge of the checker's board. I bought the version with the perspex cover. Was a bit disappointed that there is only one piece of perspex that covers the front. The provided bolts include 4mm plastic standoffs for the exposed back.

Yeah, that's what I'm using at the moment but it's a bit of a hassle to set up and read values on pins each time I want to test something, thus my hope to find something like the LimePulse cable checker on Tindie that just shows the overall status, but for USB-C sinks rather than cables or sources.

Just found another one, a USD ~400 device that omits the pulldowns on the CC lines, sigh.  Anyone with a Tindie account want to do a USB-C sink fixer-upper with a male connector on one side, female on the other, and 5.1k pulldowns in between?

And another one, only just released, the BliKVM which requires that you use a USB-A to USB-C cable because they've messed up the USB-C power signalling on the device.  It'd be really useful to have something like this...


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