Author Topic: Tektronix 700 series: anyone used the LA and DSO modules at the same time?  (Read 344 times)

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As per title, I am curious to hear from anyone who used LA and DSO modules at the same time on a Tek 700 series.

An example would be a combination of one (TLA7NX/TLA7NAX) board and one (TLA7DX/TLA7EX) board.

Given that the 700 series is a logic analyzer, I was wondering whether the DSO modules actually work as a regular DSO, or they are somewhat different.

The reason for asking is that I am trying to debug a piece of old video hardware and I would like to analyze at the same time the analog video signals coming from a VGA port and the digital logic ahead of the DAC that produces that signal.



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I never used the DSO modules myself but AFAIK they are more like analog acquisition modules. Don't expect any realtime update rate to speak of.
What you can do is connect one of the external signals and use it as a trigger input/output. I have done something similar myself when I wanted to look at the result of an ADC which was fed by a function generator (in my case: generator sync output to logic analyser input and start the acquisition on the external input).
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