Author Topic: Schematics of photos of SLA1016 wanted - logic analyzer for Siglent scope  (Read 2404 times)

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Has anyone tried to reverse engineer Siglent's MSO addition to SDS1104X-E scope - SLA1016? I imagine it can't be very complicated device. Perhaps someone has schematics or maybe an owner of the device would like to take it apart and post the pictures?

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Unfortunately I still haven't seen a teardown of it, but common belief is that there's an independent acquisition system in there (so basically Zynq FPGA+Memory) that syncs with the scope, and (slowly) transfers the capture to the scope.

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Oh, ok, I see. So it won't be that easy and low cost to replicate. These FPGAs are rather quite expensive...

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I have it (at works) but the case is sealed. So impossible to open without damaging it.
But like tmbinc said I suppose it's base on FPGA and not so easy to duplicate.

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ITT Pomona made a logic probe kit to interface with an analog scope, mdl MX 9100.  It had 8 inputs, but you could cascade up to 3 units for 24 points to monitor.  Operating frequency was DC to 20 MHz.  It had trigger word capability and other trigger options.  It had 3 memory banks with 16-word memory depth each for replay; not much but worked pretty well.  I don't know how it would work with a DSO, but I expect it would be ok.  If you can hunt one down, it might be an inexpensive option for you.  Just a thought.
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The SLA1016 surely has a Zynq inside.

I conclude that from this.

The app of the SDS1004X-E can be run in the Zynq of the SLA and work accordingly to its specificities.

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