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I know people on here love the Rigols, but . . .

Are there any hacks for the DPO3000?  Been offered one at a reasonable price and it appears the 100 MHz and 500 MHz are the same hardware . . .

Well the plug in option modules are easily... erm... replicated!

Not heard of a bandwidth upgrade yet.

Yet all the bandwidth upgrade needs is for the user to type in a key.

Shame.  I'd buy it just for the hack!

Looks like some things (including BW upgrade) can be done over GPIB, but I don't have a scope to verify. Somebody willing to try?

Some interesting commands:
:PASSWord "password"- enable special modes
  Valid passwords:
  "XYZZY" - "user's password"
  "INTEKRITY" - "backdoor password" (this is the right one for other "backdoor" mode commands)
  "PUBLIC" - "public password"
  "TRESPASS" - "developer password"
  "MKTDEMO" - ???

:SETMODELID id - set model
  Valid IDs:
  0 - MSO/DPO3012 (MSO/DPO is selected by digital channels presense)
  1 - MSO/DPO3014
  2 - MSO/DPO3032
  3 - MSO/DPO3034
  4 - MSO/DPO3052
  5 - MSO/DPO3054

:HWAccountant:SERIAL - get/set serial number

:HWAccountant:INSTRumentid - get instrument id (no set here, it is generated from model+serial)

:HWAccountant:ACQBandwidth bw - bandwidth upgrade
  valid values:

:ARMDEMO pass, num_days - activate demo mode
   pass: "DontMakeTheWookieMad"
   num_days 1-30

I cannot get these to work and my IDA skills are too bad to figure out what is happening.

As I said in the other thread, there should also be a debug console avalible that is accessible through TCPIP but I cannot figure out how to connect to it....


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