Author Topic: Reocmmended programmable dielectric testers?  (Read 156 times)

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Reocmmended programmable dielectric testers?
« on: January 21, 2020, 04:43:45 pm »
My company is looking to purchase new programmable dielectric testers. We have two existing units which I will not name to protect the innocent, but they're over 20 years old, discontinued, and no service or parts are available from the manufacturer. These are rackmounted units networked in with GPIB to test software written in LabVIEW which we'd like to keep using, albeit with the appropriate modifications. These are typically used for testing both AC dielectric strength and DC insulation resistance, up to 1kV for both.

Is there any experience with these types of testers or any recommendations? I don't see many available from the usual suspects as far as test equipment goes (Tektronix, Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz etc) but a few manufacturers I've found like Kikusui, Chroma, Ikonix, and Vitrek. The biggest consideration will be reliability as these are in use on two separate test stands daily, so cost isn't a huge concern.

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