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Yes..the title says it all.  :o

Anyhow, I thought I'd make a new post cuz there's a 'gotcha' with the new DS2072A , HW 2.0 , FW 3.0 SP1 which I just got 2 days ago, brand new.

Ok....the full options upgrade doesn't brick the unit. So don't worry...the recent FW upgrade did. This one....not that it's bad or anything.

I'm telling this backwards to answer the most pressing matter first....bricking |O.The DS2072A responded to my inserting a 4MB flash with  the latest FW by a pop up - 'New FW detected' ; Install?
You get a soft button  OK/cancel option. Well, I chose 'OK' (smart scope, I thought) .....a progress bar pops up and after about 75% (3mins) it gets stuck :wtf:. 1 hour later it's still stuck. By this time I have discovered this instruction document on the same page of the FW, duh... ::)

Ok, I bite the bullet and reboot...naturally bricked at the RIGOL splash screen.

Follow the instructions in the FW PDF....they work. Unbricked in 3 mins. 8)

Also..all prior 'upgrades' still in place.....on to that..

To summarize the simplest upgrade path:
1)  Post #3668 here:'s-internal-i2c-bus/3660/
   execute the instructions to get the 'scope binary dump, USB conn. works fine. U should run the 'Rigol USB.exe' utility with admin privileges to make the binary file:ds2072a.bin
2) DL the  rigup 0.4 file from this post.
3) Copy the binary file (ds2072a.bin) into the folder u extract the rigup.exe and open a DOS window there to execute this cmd:  rigup ds2072a ds2072a.bin
4) Now u have your option keys, note the black pic attached.
5) Execute the Rigol Ultra Sigma utility....(should be on your Scope CD or get it from Rigol's site)

6) Note the pic with the Ultra Sigma instructions to update the 'scope.
When entering your key...leave out the NS8H: and all the dashes in between the 4 sets of 7 alpha numerics. You get  one continuous 28 char. entry.

Execute Send  and you're done....scope does  a quick progress bar and auto reset.
Thanks to all those who made this possible, you rock! :box:

PS:This 2072A came with FULL 300Mhz probes, RP3300A , 10X units. Quite the value from Rigol!

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