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I'm looking for opinions on a digital scope choice.(I all ready have a tek 475a)

My choices are
Rigol 2202 and be stuck with 2 ch
for about 1700
Rigol 4024 and get 4ch
for about 2900 (a little more than I want to spend upfront)
Agilent 2004a and get 4 ch and upgrade bandwidth later.
for about 1900

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Agilent sells refurbed in brand new condition with all accessories and full 5 year warranty (basically exactly like buying brand new) DSOs via their eBay store AgilentUsed. I just bought an MSOX2024A for $1850 USD. That model is still listed on eBay. Find the listing and use the Best Offer at $1850 and theyll accept. They will also heavily discount those accessories/add-ons listed in the description section of the listing. Thats the best deal youre going to find on a seriously nice professional entry level digital scope.

I had forgot about agilent used thanks for the reminder.

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No prob! Now enjoy much more bang for your buck! :)


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