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DSOX1204G 200Mhz vs Used MSO3014A (Calibrated in 2018)

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Apologies if this a poor question for this forum, but I was about to pull the trigger on a Keysight DSOX1204G when I happened to see a local seller offering a supposedly new MSOX3014A with a calibration certificate from 2008 for $2800. Since it's only a few hundred more, does anyone have any perspective on whether I should just buy the MSOX3014A? I definitely don't need the scope's full capabilities right now, and honestly the only thing that I would realistically use right off the bat is the larger screen. Not sure whether the warranty will hold, and what customer support looks like with a 2nd hand device. Overall, the MSOX3014A looks like it's in quality condition, but I would need to dig into it a bit more.

I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

EDIT: Calibrated in 2018

Electro Fan:
Seems like at $2800 the MSO3014A is going to be more like 2x the price of the DSOX1204G rather than just a few hundred $ more.  On the other hand the MSO3014A is a lot more scope as it is 2 series up the line (but some of the gap is closed by the 1204G being a newer model).  As you say it might come down to how much you want the extra capabilities for the extra price.  One thing to consider is whatever software and accessories come with the MSO3014A.  If it happens to come with a bunch of the hardware and software options to make the full MSO (analog plus digital signal) capabilities sing and it’s in good condition and all operating to spec, the MSO3014A is a lot scope.  Fully optioned the new price on a 3014A is/was quite a bit more than a fully optioned 1204G.  Having said that, and not to confuse matters, for about the same price as the 1204G you could buy a new Siglent that would begin to approach the features and potentially exceed some of the performance and features of the 3014A. 

In your budget range you should probably enjoy the scope research process awhile longer to see some more choices and the tradeoffs.  No doubt you will get a fair amount of advice here in response to your inquiry.

Electro Fan:
Might be some useful info in here (T being the successor to A):

@Electro Fan. I appreciate the insight. The price comparison was against a fully optioned DSOX1204G 200MHz BW (apologies if that wasn't clear).

As for the other scopes, the fan scope these days seems to be the Siglent SDS2104X Plus. Unfortunately, I had the chance to use the 2104X and it honestly just felt subpar. I definitely don't want to start a flamewar, and I can't really point to any specific spec to say that the Keysight is better. By all accounts, it's actually worse on paper....but if just feels so right  :scared: I have also used a number of scopes for work, and I just like Keysight (granted a much higher tier of Keysight at work). Great UX, intuitive controls, polished product. It's hard to beat. Sucks that it command such a premium, but  :-//

I'm open to hearing about SDS2104X Plus experiences, but I'm not sure that a spec-"off" will convince me. If anyone has converted to Siglent, I'd love to hear about it.

Afaik, the MSO3014A I'm looking at does not come with any software or hardware options beyond the 100 MHz BW and, of course, the logic probe + requisite unlocked software that follows an MSO scope.

Electro Fan:
Yep, the Siglent 2104X Plus is pretty much the ~$1300 (with discount) reference scope around here.  Some long threads and more posts about it every day.  But it’s a personal preference thing when it comes to the UI.  I wasn’t sure from your post - does the 3014A include the digital logic probe and some of the MSO software?


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