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DSOX2000 and 3000 series - licence , have anyone tried to hack that scope ?

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Re: MSO logic analyzer function cables
Nice! --someone on Ebay has new old stock 54620-61601 kits for $80.
and Gone.
wow, that was fast --they had quite a few --someone bought them all.  Guess I'm glad I got mine


--- Quote from: Venturi962 on September 07, 2021, 06:58:45 pm ---I have access to LS / FS USB decoding on mine.  Perhaps HS is tied to Scope Bandwidth. 

Easiest way to transfer files is with USB, will appear as a directory over Telnet.

--- End quote ---

Yes, you need (a) 1GHz sample rate or greater and (b) at least a 4000A. HS doesn't work on a 3000T. There's no USB trigger/decode at all on 3000A or 2000.

There is some marketing material out there that suggested the 3104T would support it. When I evaluated it, I couldn't get HS to work, although the DUT decoded fine on a Tek MDO4000.

In the end it turned out to be an error in the marketing material.

Even with HS, you're still going to need expensive diff probes.

Where can I found instructions on how to use PhillyFlyers' patches? which eth card or telnet etc s/w tool shall I use? do I need to hard wire the serial port on PCB? Do I still need USB boot when power cycle?

Highest affordable one for me might be 2000x, I'm a slave of Fannie&Freddie.  SynGen h/w is built in but no AWG capability? Can 2CH be upgraded to 4CH? DSO2002a (not MSO) can also unlock logic channel?
I looked h/w modification, photos seems to be 3000x, are they same for 2000x? Digikey 0603 resistors needs 5K pcs, aliexpress kit are E24. Where did you get parts from ? I'm in California.

More important, acc name and passwd for telnet?

thanks the building is too high to climb might take me months。


My scope is back. Repaired and calibrated. ;)

Now a question: is there a "easy way" to activate missing licenses? Actually I have only MSO, BW10, EDK, DVM and RML.
I.e. OSV and the Generator I would like to have...


I have a DSO-X-2002A oscilloscope with problably a NAND problem, but i am not sure, could you guys help me? It stays like in the picture below...

I have some USB to TTL boards, could i connect it to the points in the pcb of the oscilloscope and conect via usb port in my pc to check the boot problem or i am missing something?


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