Author Topic: Judging by teardowns, which cheap PSUs are better - "Korads", UNI-T, PeakTech?  (Read 230 times)

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I'm looking for a hobby-level 0-30V 5A PSU for working with Arduinos, Raspberry & clones, small motors, LED strips etc., and also occasional laptop repairs & experiments.

In my local shops, the low-budget options are mostly UNI-T UTP3315TFL, UTP3315TFL-II, UTP1305, and those well-known Korad clones (from a company named RND) - 320-KD3005D and variations.

I managed to find teardown videos for both UNI-T and Korads, but I'm not experienced enough to judge the quality in comparison:  (Dave's famous Korad teardown)  UNI-T UTP3315TFL-II UTP1306S
No teardowns for UTP1305 :(

So, what would you suggest, which ones seem to be a better build with more reliable components (especially the main power circuits & transistors)?

I have read about Korad issues here on the forum, but not much info about UNI-T.
Maybe it is better to have a Korad clone with known issues and recipes for fixing them instead of UNI-T with unknown pitfalls. On the other hand, UNI-T seems to be a somewhat known brand and they might have more responsibility about their products, unlike that "RND".
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RND are rebranded Korad, not clone. I have ka3305p and kel103, and they work as they should. The UI is awful  :palm:

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The pricing is somewhat confusing, when trying to judge the quality.

For example, when looking at models with about the same specs (30V 5A) UNI-T models are 50% more expensive than RND, and PeakTech are 50% more expensive than UNI-T.

The question boils down to this - is it worth paying more for a UNI-T or PeakTech with a hope of getting better quality components (better cooling, more power reserve, better OV and OC protection), or are they the same as those Korads/RNDs and I would be overpaying for the brand relabeling and maybe nicer packaging and warranty?
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I vote for KORAD, because UNI-T has less features and cheaper circuit
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I just found a PeakTech 6070 in a local shop.

Seems a nice PSU, but almost twice the price of 320-KA3005D. Not sure, if it's actually so much better than Korad - haven't found any solid reviews and teardowns. Of course, it's Chinese-built OEM, and some cheapest PeakTechs are known to be pretty bad.

There's one simple test video where a person claims 6070 has very little ripple, and also demonstrates that it has enough precision for current limiting to light a LED without burning it. I've seen complaints about cheaper PSUs that immediately burn LEDs when trying to use them without a resistor. Not that I would do that, but still, that might be indicative of the quality and precision of 6070. So yeah, maybe I should go for 6070 instead of 320-KA3005D.

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