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DSOX2000 and 3000 series - licence , have anyone tried to hack that scope ?

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I know it's stupide/newbie question but I'll ask it anyway ,

as all knows , you buy the base unit witch in terms of HW it has all , but licence is the big deal witch cost you a-lot , the question is : have anyone tried to write he's own version ? have anyone successfully hack the scope andupgraded the BW to say 200Mhz instead of 70 or so on ? or enable the memory function gen etc ?? 

P.S: I don't know if it's related to here or perhaps projects (?) so please move me if I am wrong  :palm:

thank you in advance :)

Nope, no one has done it yet.

what a buger :(

since I don't know FPGA and al that sort of stuff I can't even try by my own  :'(

it'll be funny if ther's someone who does know how and will manage to do that  :-DD

Since only thing you need to do to activate all the options is to input correct code. So everything is in there. But I'm pretty sure that Agilent uses some sort assymetric public key crypto system. And I'm also quite sure that whichever chip in the scope does that, is probably tamper-protected to prevent key extraction.

And if you find a way to break/bruteforce that sort of crypto be ready for either of those things to happen:
-get a job in CIA/FBI/etc
-get shot by CIA/FBI/etc
-make it public and get a Nobel prize (and then get shot by CIA/FBI/etc)

License hacks were fairly trivial on the earlier scopes as the keys used were accidentally exposed in a firmware update. They're apparently using new keys now, so current scopes aren't vulnerable, but the older ones still are, even with the newly released features.

There was quite a discussion about it in the original thread about these scopes.

Of course you don't get the probes if you hack increased b/w or MSO features, and they frequently give away the wavegen + dvm features - the serial decode and memory options are more attractive.


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