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Hi Folks,

A thread about the ET4410 from East Tester, I´ve ordered last weekend from Banggood for 225€ and it arrived 2 days later, because of the EU warehouse in CZ.
First impressions are a proper building quality(metal case), proper packaging.
With the ET4410 will come a mains cable and kelvin-testleads wit bnc connectors and a thin manual.
Today I´ve powered up for the first time, display is clear and bright - although the brightness is adjusted to only 30% (factory setting) - Nice.
The ET4410 got 16 testfrequencies from 100hz up to 100khz - The ET4401 is up to 10Khz, the ET4402 up to 20khz.
It got also a "variable" testvoltage up to to 2V (rms I guess, will test it later) and adjustable bias-voltage, which is very uncommon for a meter in this priceclass.
Generally it got more than the price would expect, no question - But let´s see if they are useful/functional.
It got some nice features more I´ll introduce in the next times, today some pics below as I´ve tested a mkp cap and an electrolytic cap.
Further I´ll compare it to my DE5000 LCR and two calibrated LCRs at work as I did in the "LCR Meter Opinion" thread before, without ET4410.
Stay tuned, feel free to ask anything.


EDIT: Must compress the pics, will do it later

Edit pics attached, here the rest from "today".

I bought one of these meters a couple years ago.  I agree that the build quality is nice - not quite up to Siglent & Rigol - but nice.

Here is a copy of the manual with specifications.

I have the 4401 and I agree, they are great for the price.


Really from Banggood ? I don't find the 4410..


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