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I've got a ET5410
Quite a nice feature set & performance.  - good value for its power/performance.

USB connection works, I have a 115200kbps terminal connection, but no info about communication.
I have tried to get the command set and/or software from "East Tester"  - but they do not respond to mail.

I hope somebody here has some software from them?  or knowhow about the command set.

I've got a copy of the ET5410 software command list from East Tester. Unfortunately, I am unable to upload it as it is in docx format. I also don't trust the manufacture so I am a little concerned with Enabling Editing and saving as PDF on my PC. If you need the doc still,  I am happy to email it to you.

I've attached a snippet from the manual.

I have implemented communication with a EastTester DMM in TestController ( ).
It would probably not be that much work to add the loads.

See attached for the command.

Thanks for the command list, i've been looking for this!

As a side question, has anyone figured out how to adjust the slew rate in the dynamic modes? The east tester website lists "Up/Down Rate" as configurable from 0.000~1.5 A/uS ( but i don't see any mention of how to set it in the manual nor inr the UI (nor in the software command list, which was the last place i could think of to look for it). I love the ET5420 in every other way, its's small, cheap, accurate, nice screen, 2 seperate channels makes it super flexible, USB control, etc. But the lack of configurable slew rate is something i realy miss testing and tuning SMPSs way harder. (FYI it seems like the default slew rate is very slow, ~1A/6.8ms in Trans mode from 1A~3A measured at 10%~90%. Or ~0.000147A/uS which is the very minimum of the control range in the link above)


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