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EEVblog 121GW Multimeter Issues

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--- Quote from: Archon on June 04, 2021, 06:23:38 pm ---Hi, new user here. Is this the right place to ask if the above issue was related to manufacturing during the kickstarter? Did it result in a fix of some sort? If I were to order a 121GW right now, can I have confidence it won't have such an issue?

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The PCB shim issues was limited to the first few thousands PCB's. That included all the Kickstarter units and a bunch of the first normal production units. All future PCB's have been the correct thickness and the issue was resolved. All units bought today do not have this issue, no one has old stock.

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Sorry to ask here, but where to get this shim? I am one of "early kickstarter users", used multimeter very rarely, and i started to get contact issues (i have to press on knob to make multimeter on after changing mode).
Maybe there is some drawings and anything i can do DIY?


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--- Quote from: BrianG61UK on November 04, 2020, 11:28:16 pm ---
--- Quote from: Jonathon_Doran on October 29, 2020, 01:06:14 pm ---Using  low-Z the voltage disappeared.  I read up on ghost voltage.  Yep, that was what I saw.
Thanks for your assistance.

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Surely that means your ground is a high impedance, which means it's not ground at all and could be dangerous if you use it to ground something that needs a ground for safety reasons.

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It could be induced voltage from a parallel running cable, however I'd recommend it's investigated by a qualified electrician using an installation tester.

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I was forgetting that the 121GW in Low-Z mode is brain dead and shows zero even when there is a low voltage present.

I just checked my meter and mine too has the plastic insulator deformed by squishing the PTC, not enough to do damage though. Looks like the metal shield with insulator wasn't glued to the side of the case, which would've prevented this. I took the liberty of applying a piece of inflammable PSA tape to secure it to the case and prevent subsequent smoke egress and grief.


--- Quote from: vyruz on May 23, 2021, 04:49:00 pm ---Hi everyone.
It seems my 121GW just broke, and I have no idea how or why :S

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Hey @vyruz I'm sad to see your broken DMM :( I recall you got a replacement however, yeah? Do you still have the broken one? Would you want to offer it for science? :) Some of us are curious to get hi-res pictures/scans of the PCB; which would require removing all components first of course. Only a ruined DMM should be used for that of course :)

Did anyone else notice that turning the bluetooth on causes the meter to cool by more than half a degree C and turning it back off causes it to heat back up to previous half a degree higher temperature?


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