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Just seeing what people's interest would be for such a thing. We have a coupon code that works on our site that is reserved for members of EEV Blog.  Message me or to see how we can help you! Our engineers can advise which product is best for you if you need help choosing ...  Thanks! 

Alan Lowne - CEO
Saelig Co. Inc.

I've bought from Saelig before this "official" announcement and got an EEVBlog discount just by asking. I had a good experience with them.

@saelig: Might I suggest refraining from jumping into all the Siglent threads with announcement posts? The "other distributor" does fine making themselves known via their discount thread.

Good experiences for me from these guys as well.

I bought an oscilloscope from Saelig a few years ago and got an educational discount.  I'll buy from them again when the need arises.

How to receive discount coupon from Saelig?


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