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Title: Extech 382280 Calibration
Post by: Elrod on September 16, 2017, 02:44:18 am
Does anyone know how to calibrate the Extech 382280?  I have one that I bought not working.  I have it repaired, however, the output is off.  Such as, set it for 30.0V and get 30.1V.  It works but not quite in spec.  There are no pots to adjust so it must be software.  It has an RS-232 interface that it will accept commands through.  The manual omits any calibration commands but that has to be how it is done.   Anyone have a clue?

Title: Re: Extech 382280 Calibration
Post by: mpozna on July 28, 2020, 06:30:43 pm
Any chance you have the FW for the PIC18C452. I have one (given to me after someone manage to fry the PIC) and cant find FW anywhere... I would appreciate any help as this can become my only bench supply :P.
Or, if you have the time, a description of the control pins and what signals they receive - I could work an MCU/display based on that...

Thank you,