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Extech EX330 Quality issue

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That "certain" Greek guy is right if you use it professionally but it doesn’t need to be 300USD, for a hobbyist different story.
Drop your Uni-T couple times from 5 meter and you will understand what I mean, I can’t imagine using any 50USD meter at my work.

If you're so clumsy to drop stuff more than 5 times on the floor, maybe you need to put your equipment in some sort of cover and tie them to your body with something, like a strap or key chain.

Do you also buy toughbook laptop because you drop your laptops 5 times?

Anyway, that annoying greek guy can recommend expensive meters all he likes... who earns a living out of electronics or industrial stuff also has the wages/salary to afford $300  meters or the company buys them for him.
The problem is he comments in every review of lower end meters comparing these meters with meters 2-3x more expensive and it's downright annoying.

I think Dave himself saw it on his own skin... the Rigol 1052 was adequate for his needs once he no longer had the thousand dollars scopes from his work place.

Mariush I am not attacking anyone personaly here I am giving a example, if I thought UT61E was not worth I wouldn’t ordered one, hell i even own 5USD pocket meters, you shouldn’t take it literally about the 5 meter drop. What I am trying to explain is when you have a meter like UT61E in your toolbox for more than couple years it just won’t last. And this is also from a industrial electrician for 23 years, but I am glad I don’t have to pay the meters at work. Just trying to be realistic.


--- Quote from: RamboJj on February 05, 2013, 03:48:35 am ---While I'm no expert on any of this I wonder if just simply adding a little solder to the input current shunts would fix the issue or if it would throw off the values the meter reads. Would you need to then re-calibrate the meter after doing something like that, I would think so and as long as the meter is operating right it shouldn't cause any issues.

I have a extech 330 myself but mine doesn't seem to have these issues that are in this thread. I have full solder across everything and it looks like it should for the most part, though there is a bit excess solder in a couple spots but not as bad as the OPs device has.

--- End quote ---

Did I ask a completely stupid question or something?

I personally do not see any MAJOR issues with the board. The soldering joints are a bit of crap, but to be completely honest, I really don't expect perfection out of a lower end meter. If it works properly and has no faults, then I do not see the issue.

Granted, if this were on a much more expensive unit, I would personally raise cain. Here's the fact of the matter in my honest opinion. If you really plan on using your meter to it's full capabilities, I find that you should just spend the money up front and get a capable meter. There are plenty around the $75-$100 price range that are perfectly capable of doing everything most hobbyists need. However, if you are only going to use it once in a blue moon, have no need for massive input capacity and extreme accuracy, then a $50 meter is right up your alley, and personally I see no room for complaints in cosmetics if they are purely cosmetics. Beggars cannot be choosers. There is a reason why there are meters out there that are more expensive.

With that being said, there are much more capable meters in the $50 price range that many may deem "higher quality". Personally I would edge toward one of them. But having owned Extech products and used them without fail in both a hobby and professional context, I would have to say that you most definitely get what you pay for.

If your meter did not operate in it's Category as promised, then you most definitely have a case. (however I wouldn't trust my life in a CAT III environment to a $50 multimeter. That's just how I feel about it.)


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