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FeelTech FY3224S 24MHz 2-Channel DDS AW Function Signal Generator

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Very cheap 24MHz 2-Channel function generator with support for arbitrary waveforms.
They sell it on Ebay for only 130 USD, which is much cheaper than the Siglent SDG1025 :)

I understand that the Siglent provides much more features and has a colour screen, but if the FY3224s delivers the basic functionality it is required to do so, and if it is both accurate and reliable, then it could be a valid budget alternative.

Does anybody on this forum have experience with the FeelTech FY3224s function generator?

What is your experience? How accurate and reliable is it?
Is the table correct in the specifications? Does it really only support 24 MHz on the sine wave?
Is it easy to download an arbitrary waveform to the memory of the function generator?

A similar instrument. Probably OK for hobby use.
But that Siglent is much better.

The case is almost empty. All the electronics are on the front panel.
Some people want to make a backplate for the front panel to make it smaller :)

Would like to know more about the internal architecture and the arbitrary waveform support.

I purchased the FY3224s and should arrive early next week.  I don't believe this box will be as empty as that other version that was linked to.  That other version doesn't have nearly the features that the FY3224s has anyway.  I chatted with the Chinese fellow that I am purchasing it from and he is very jazzed about the product.  I will be opening it up for sure when it arrives.  If it's everything it's represented to be, it's a bargain price for those features!  I paid $136 for it.  I also purchased the portable GK101 10MHz model with 3" touchscreen.  I like it and have used it for about a week.   

Besides pictures of a tear down, can you also verify the max frequency on all the waveforms, and the quality of the produced signals?

Note that I was under the impression that it only can reach 24 MHz for sine wave, and that all the other waveforms can only go up to 6 MHz, unless the table contains a typo.


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