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Fluke 101 Meter Is It Decent Enough?

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Hello there,

So what do you think, is the Fluke 101 meter decent enough to pay around $40 USD for?
It's a basic meter i think it is small enough to carry around that's what i need right now.  I have other big meters (including an ancient analog ammeter with a face plate as big as an apple pie and about 8 inches deep).

It's ok if there are not that many functions, but i was hoping the accuracy was up to par with the normal Fluke name
So you think it is accurate or not so much?

It would be great if someone had one they could share their experiences about.

Fluke doesn't lie with their specs. So read the specs and see if it's good enough for you.

Contrary to the popular opinion around here, in my opinion the only highlight of the Fluke 101 is electrical robustness based on what joeqsmith found when tested it under his high voltage generators. Well, that and its small size, but other meters have this as well. Accuracy is ok, but since it is a very basic general purpose meter, it is not something hard to attain. 

Outside of that it severely lacks features, is slow and I wouldn't recommend it as I have seen build quality issues with two units coming from different batches (discoloration and contamination on its PCB tracks, and functional faults). This to me evidences a lesser quality control. Tied to the absence of warranty for markets outside of China and the availability of much superior units I don't think it is a worth investment. YMMV.

A higher priced alternative that I have and is worth the extra investment is a Greenlee DM-200A (Brymen BM251). It is a basic meter, very robust but much more featured - depending on where you live, eBay can have some good prices on it if you are patient (I got mine for US$40, but it currently goes for around US$70). I would also recommend the BM231, which is slightly less featured than the BM251 but it can be purchased new for around US$70).  If safety is not terribly important and you can live with a smaller sized unit, the Richmeters RM113D is mechanically well built and fully featured. It is priced under US$20.

Good luck in your quest!


--- Quote from: MrAl on November 30, 2022, 01:27:54 am ---So what do you think, is the Fluke 101 meter decent enough to pay around $40 USD for?

--- End quote ---

It's a basic meter, sure, but it's very small and feels high quality in the hand. The range switch and display are really nice. Mine is accurate to within a digit or so.

There's no current (obviously) and no backlight. I'm not sure where you'd get one for $40, these days it goes for much closer to $50.

It's not huge bang:buck, feature-wise, but if it has the measurement ranges you need then go for it!

As I said above. Read the specs about features and accuracy. It's not impressive of course but you do know what you're getting. Fluke don't lie about the specs.


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