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Title: Fluke 376 vs. Amprobe ACDC-52NAV
Post by: ++Sparky++ on March 04, 2020, 09:49:22 am

I've been hanging here a while as a guest. Finally have registered so I can post. Great forum BTW.  ;)


Can any of you experienced guys give me a hint about which of those two nice instruments mentioned in subject is better choice.

I have a chance to buy one. I like to have both but unfortunately it's out of my budget.  :)

Price range is about the same.
Fluke 376 (older model not FC) is used, good condition, but missing iFlex adapter.
Amprobe ACDC-52NAV is never used, in original package.

It would be nice if someone who have access to both of this instruments could compare their performance or even make a review.

Maybe someone would say this is apples or oranges question.
I know that most of people prefer Fluke brand, but this Amprobe instrument also looks great to me.
I personally like it more due of many features that Fluke does not have, like power meter function, THD, phase order etc...

So, I hope I can get some help to make my decision. I have limited time to decide.

Sorry for my English. Not my native...

Title: Re: Fluke 376 vs. Amprobe ACDC-52NAV
Post by: threephase on March 04, 2020, 05:53:52 pm
Welcome to the forum +++Sparky+++

I guess the question is which meter will fit your needs the most?

Flukes are good meters, but the cost of the iFlex unit will be around £100 in UK. Will you need to measure over 1000A though? If it is a second hand instrument, it may look ok on the outside, but may have had a rough life measurements wise and been stressed electrically.

I believe the Amprobe unit is actually a clone from an Appa Technology 130 series design and is also sold under the RS Pro banner. (

I have not used that particular meter, but the other Appa Technology test equipment I have has been fine, nice quality build and robust in use. They do have some quirks to their operation though that you have to get used to.

How often do you actually need to measure power and harmonics? Clamp meters used for this are just for spot measurements really and you are better off with logging instruments for power analysis.

In terms of their quality and performance, I don't think there is any significant difference. It will just be what features best suit your needs and if you are working in a hazardous industrial environment, then what your confidence will be in the condition of second had apparatus.

Kind regards
Title: Re: Fluke 376 vs. Amprobe ACDC-52NAV
Post by: ++Sparky++ on March 04, 2020, 09:01:48 pm
Hello threephase,

Thank you for kind reply.

I do not use current clamp so often but from time to time it is simply imposible to find and solve problems without this instrument.
Last time I had to solve high inrush current problem on Dahalander motor and there I have realized I must have quality current clamp meter.
Actually, 600A will be enough for my needs.

I have read many excellent online customer reviews about this Amprobe tool.

There is a couple of instruments similar to this around. For example "FLIR CM82", "Yokogawa CW10" etc...
More details here (
All these may be Appa rebrand, who knows...

To be honest many of instrument features mostly hangs unused.
Simply told we all have different needs.
However, Some features like NCV, inbuilt torch light, phase order etc. may be handy  from my experience.

I have compared parameters and Amprobe have the same or even better accuracy and better resolution in AC/DC current range so it seems Fluke will dropout this time. I have 87V multimeter and I'm pretty happy with it but, maybe some next time...   :D

Best regards...