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Fluke 87V - Continuity Test Response

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Hi Everyone, been following EEVBlog Youtube channel for a while and after going through Dave's review on multimeter I bought Fluke 87V. So, I just received my Fluke 87V and put it to different tests. I noticed while? performing the continuity test their is a delay of about half a second or so unlike what I have seen in reviews where it beeps instantly. Any ideas what could be wrong. Thanks.

I can't answer your question, but I can confirm that my new 87 V is also instantaneous with the beep. I can't touch and remove the leads fast enough not to get a beep, even when I'm doing it like in a bouncing fashion. Could a low battery affect it maybe?

Is it in warranty?


--- Quote from: ddavidebor on April 25, 2013, 07:49:12 am ---Is it in warranty?

--- End quote ---

It is brand new meter, received it today. So I would suppose it has warranty. I think this meter should have lifetime warranty. It is strange why it is behaving in such a way?

I think you should call fluke service.


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