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Fluke 97: Auto Set not working, just cycles down to the maximum voltage

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I wasn't quite correct, by the way.... The problem with the AutoSet completely went away, but I have detected a related issue.  Now, when I press the down button (V) range button, it goes down two steps instead of one.  This only happens on the A channel.  Before, whenever I pressed either range button (as well as many other buttons on the left side), that is what triggered the AutoSET problem.  From there on out, AutoSet would just move to 100V/div all the time and I wasn't able to change that.

I can work around this new behavior.  It just means I have to press down and then up if I want to go down one range step.   Not a big deal.

Interesting... does it do it consistently? And do you have another scope to try and see if the button press generates a double pulse?

Sadly, no... I do not.  The gentleman from whom I purchased this has another one though.  I suspect he would like to trade now because the one he kept (at the time) was better.  His has a broken EL and has a 3.x OS so it doesn't have duty cycle functions.  He is an older man who doesn't want to try to fix the EL.  I am half thinking of just taking on the project so he can have something more useful to him.  But it would be a gamble for me.  Can I fix the EL?  Probably... it is likely just the 10uF 50V capacitor.  The bigger issue is the OS conversion, which I would like to do.

I have been monitoring the other thread on OS versions.  Nobody has ever really detailed the exact steps (for dummies).  I can make the IR RS232 easily enough, but I don't know which software to get.  More importantly, it has never been explicitly answer whether or not you have to recalibrate the scope after an OS change.  If you do, that is a problem.  I don't have the equipment to do this properly.  That said, I doubt these scopes are in very good calibration anyhow.  It has been 30 years since most of them have been worked on.

Anyhow, if you have knowledge of any of this, please do post... I may continue my journey with a different unit just for fun... And for charity.  The other guy really was quite nice and I'd like to see him have a scope that is more functional for him.  He is retired, etc. but very "with it."  Keeping ones mind active is critical to staying sane (and alive).

The calibration on these isn't hugely problematical, as they aren't at the precision end of the market. Something in the order of 0.5%?
The adjustment would be all in the firmware, so if you have an in-cal 5.5 digit meter to use as a transfer standard you can probably do it yourself.

LOL.  I just posted on the thread that had dumps of the other OS versions.  I should have looked at my own thread first to see if there were a comment....

Yeah, I agree.  Although I don't have an "in cal" device, per se, I have something that is close enough.  And I've got a 1 year old Rigol scope which should be even closer.  I'm not working on military or space stuff, only personal hobby projects anyhow.  Yeah, I'd like to know it is 2 kHz instead of 1kHz, but "close" is fine by me.

On the other thread I requested a step by step guide on the process.  I'm hoping someone will do this.  I'm all for experimenting, but bricking my Fluke isn't something I really want to do.  If it were non-functional then I'd have nothing to lose, but right now it actually is working pretty darned well.  I can deal with the down down range steps per button click.  That isn't horrible.


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