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Fluke TL75 - A Probe Not For People With Large Hands

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     I Just Got a Pair And i Must Say Its Waste Of Money For Me Cos This Probe Is So Small Its Definately For For People With Large Hands .Its For Kiddie Hands Damn .Is The TL175 Larger Then These Probes .Mind You We Are Not Talking About Quality Here Just Size  .

Fluke TL75 Multimeter Probes

I'm not sure. I have found the smaller probes to be much more controllable.


Please stop using capitols for the first letter of all your words. It makes it a bit difficult to read.

You Must Have Eaten Your Wheaties When You Were A Kid


--- Quote from: SArepairman on July 25, 2013, 01:12:09 am ---You Must Have Eaten Your Wheaties When You Were A Kid

--- End quote ---

Sure ,
       My idea of the post was to tel people that it does not suit people with larger hands the probe holding area is kiddish .BTW no one has answered my question are TL175 larger then this


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