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FNIRSI-1013D "100MHz" tablet oscilloscope

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Only this is a backup of flash memory soldered to the pcb and a backup of the TP configuration.  After that, a special firmware is used, see the instructions.

Sorry, I did not understand that we are talking about spi-flash. In this case, you can use the CH341 programmer, or a similar one, with support for the 25 series.

I downloaded the fnirsi_1013d_fwb.bin file from the respected Pcprogrammer's github repository. Booted to microSD using FNIRSI_Firmware_Loader. Turned the oscilloscope off and on. As a result of the program, three files appeared on the microSD card:
The contents of the first file completely coincide with what I read with the programmer.

Hello! I want to thank everyone who is involved in improving this oscilloscope! I do a little electrical work and bought it to look at waveforms in a car. Like a car diagnostician. When I tried to take an oscillogram from the ignition, I saw that it did not show the breakdown peak, but the trigger was adjusted to this peak. This means that it sees the peak, but does not show it. For the ignition waveform, I used a capacitive-inductive non-contact sensor. I realized that his software is not perfect. Then I started looking for alternative software and found this forum. I installed the software from here and saw that after rearranging the software, the oscilloscope began to show the peak I needed. This means your software works better than the factory one. Thanks again for your work! But I noticed that in normal trigger mode the oscilloscope constantly freezes. Either I'm doing something wrong or the software has bugs. I have version V1.012. I see, that there are later versions in time, but they are smaller in number. For example V0.024. Which version is the latest and most working? And how to install it?

A few pages back is the latest firmware 0.0xxx which you can download and upload under Linux or use the loader program for Windows.  And there is a manual somewhere.  The firmware you have there 1.00x still has a long connection time in windows, you will have to wait more than 1 minute before it recognizes the oscilloscope disk.


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