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English Software and Optimization of Locky_Z Transistor Tracer
« on: September 13, 2020, 04:54:16 pm »
Hi all,
As you have probably known, that Locky_Z's tracer is a good transistor curve tracer; it's good for matching, testing, etc.
Locky_Z from China release first batch of the tracer in about 2013, and discontinued production for several years.
Since 2019, he began to re-start the production with many improvement of the tracer.

The Version of 2019 use a smaller case, more delicate layout and PCB assembly, although the circuitry is almost the same.
Also, the PC software of the tracer is basically the same compare to version 2013.
The software do provide 2 language interface, simplified Chinese and English.

Initially, my intention was to translate them into traditional Chinese for Taiwanese community, and they are Okay with traditional-Chinese-English combination of UI, so that's an easy task.
By 2020, as Locky_Z's production line is stabilized and providing more International orders, I noticed that translation and UI need more translation and optimization, so that every user can discuss with each other on the same basis.

Hence I started my work in early 2020. :box:

The English term used in the UI is very confusing and sometimes misleading. So I re-translated the English with more accurate manner, fixed some bugs and optimized the UI.

I also translated the user manual into English for better understanding of operation. Most of the UI and part of the manuals are now translated, while some are remained untranslated, but I will keep them updated if I got some time. (It's a huge task to translate!)

I have collected most of the latest files and package them into a single file. Maybe a github place for continuous updating will be a good idea.

Hope you Enjoy the tracer!!Akjm9FUnT5sVhqYON36ltfioCoLAxw?e=cXKY6h

More discussion and comments are welcomed.

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