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I HAVE A YEAR 2020 FNIRSI-1013D scope which has gone haywire.
The ID on the memory card is 2020 ZFSN3-4

It does boot up but sometimes not.
It intermittently switches itself off.
When it is on I often have no time base running
I have checked the battery it seems ok
I runt it from my desktop PSU and it draws around 1.35Amps at 5VolsDc

I have posted two pics, one with the timebase (Sort of running) the other is just junk.
It would seem to me that there could be a power issue, I dont know.
Would an updated firmware help, I know nothing about Linux.
Where do I start, any help would be most welcome.
Regards all.

If this post is in the wrong area would Mr. moderator move it to the correct one, please.

Hi Gannet,

welcome to the forum.

It is always difficult to diagnose something like this without having the device in hand, and yours is the old version by the looks of it. The firmware running on yours looks different from what I reverse engineered, with the blue and red traces, so can't tell if what I made for the scope will work on yours.

The schematics of the newer version can be found here: For as far as I know, the only difference is in the FPGA used in the older model.

Did you read the thread about the scope here on the forum? There is lots of information in it.

I have not measured the current being drawn by mine, but I think the 1.35A is a bit high.

Since your firmware looks different I can't tell for sure, but the newer version is for sure not based on linux, and I doubt that yours is.

A picture of the PCB can help in identifying your model.

Thanks for the reply,

I have attached a pic of the PCB

Hopefully that will help identify which version I have.

It looks the same as the one here

This picture was taken by Dave and he did a review of his version.$140-2ch-100mhz-fnirsi-tablet-oscilloscope-review/

But his version has the yellow and green traces, so yours is a bit special. Would be interesting to get the firmware out of it. I wrote software to do it but it involves writing to the SD card. Let me know if you are willing to do this, and if you have a SD card reader/writer you can attach to your computer and also how big the SD card is that sits in your scope.

The board looks the same as the one you pointed me to.
The SD Card is 1Mb
I have an SD card reader.
Can I load the firmware to a new card rather than overwrite my existing one.
Is there any special software that I need to use to copy the image of the firmware to the new card? Where is the lates working version located?
I have seen reference to taking one of the two isolated plated through holes down to ground (See clip), I have also seen other saying, no not that pin the other one, which is correct.



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