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FSP30/40 embedded windows xp for spectrum analyzer.

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Hi All

My last Plea for help, I have posted a couple of emails about the issue.  The Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM.   I took the top off and I have a Compact Flash drive with the following information on it. Part No. 1303.0417.07, Flash Disk for R&S FSP with Windows XP.

I don't have a Windows build embedded XP disk, or the analyzers build software and R&S have told me they can't help.  If only I had a friend who works in their repair\service department.

Could I just install a standard Windows XP build and install the firmware which I believe is still on the R&S website?

I would need to know on the old drive as I can still read the drive if I put it in a caddy, where the calibration data is for it.

Otherwise, the unit is a dustbin job.

Any help would be much apricated.


Paul P

i dont have a solution but two links that maybe help you.
There is an FSP xp image on KO4BB
The other one is the a link to where someone uploaded the xp embedded installer disks

I did find the files in

Not sure if they are both the same, one is an ISO and the other is a TIB file.

The embedded XP link, not sure how this complies?  I see there is a A, B, C file,

Any help would be much appricated.

Windows XP embedded is not just something you install from CD. It's made to be customized by an OEM and then a custom build with all the drivers and software included is deployed to the device. So your hope is either finding the original XPe build by R&S or see if the software works with regular Windows XP and if you can find the drivers.


So, do you know if the link well the  is a TIB file, which is a different image build.  Looks like I might need to buy the complier software.

Thanks for your info on the windows XP, looks like this might be imposable to fix.




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